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Volvo 240 Turbo DTM Winner Wunstorf 1985 Per Stureson #21 - AUTOart Diecast Models

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Detailed Specs

  • Diecast Manufacturer AUTOart
  • Year 1985
  • Car Brand Volvo


The Volvo 240 was a successful touring car of the 1980s, fitted with a larger engine than the 200, the 240 was turbocharged, weight around 1000kg and produced 350 horsepower and often reaching 168mph in races which had straight stretches. As well as competing in touring titles, it also enjoyed success as a rally car and continues to take part in folkracing in the UK which sees inexpensive cars competing against one another on specially speed-retardant tracks. The cars are treated with such a throw-away nature than anyone can offer to buy a car for at least a set amount of money and the bid cannot be refused. This is in order to reduce people getting too attached to their cars and spending money on upgrades. This 1985 Per Stureson #21 Volvo 240 is an exceptional replica by AUTOart, showing off its plain body for full effect which shows the design off perfectly. The key features include:

- Doors, hood and trunk open
- Steerable wheels that roll
- Made of high quality diecast metal
- Finely detailed, inside and out

This intricate diecast Volvo comes factory sealed in its original packaging. We know that collectors need mint condition for an item to be worthwhile, so we ensure that everything we dispatch is of the highest quality and in 100% mint condition.

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